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Marine Animals

Nassau Grouper

Follow Nassau Grouper 242 on Facebook for updates on Nassau Grouper related research in The Bahamas! Don't forget the closed season for Nassau Grouper is from December 1st-February 28th. Respect the closed season to allow them to reproduce for future generations!

Nassau Grouper Infographic

This infographic covers information on our critically endangered species of Nassau Grouper. Check it out to learn how you can help protect them!  

Queen Conch infographic 

This infographic covers information on the precious species of Queen Conch, Lobatus gigas.  


Did you know?

  • The capture of bonefish by nets, or the purchase/sale of bonefish is prohibited. 

  • Grouper and rockfish must be caught at a minimum of 3 lbs.

Protect our Parrotfish

Do you know how important parrotfish are to our marine environment? This poster explains their importance and what we can do to help. Check out this Parrotfish Identification Card to learn your species of parrotfish!


Learn the value of sharks to The Bahamas with this creative video, The Story of Sharks.

Sharks4Kids has a site packed with info including a curriculum, activities, crafts, and posters.


Marine Mammals 

Check out resources from our partners at Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization here.  

Spiny Lobster

Don't forget closed season for Spiny Lobster (Crawfish) is April 1st-July 31st!

  • The minimum size limit for spiny lobster is a carapace length of 3 1/4 inches or tail length 5 1/2 inches. Size matters!

  • Possession of egg bearing females as well as the removal of eggs is prohibited. 

Invasive Lionfish 

Lionfish are an alien invasive species in our waters, which means that they are not from around here and they are harmful to the natural marine environment and native species. Learn more in this poster

Check out this three part series by Conch Salad TV. The Lionfish Invasion: Part 1 (About lion fish), Part 2 (lion fish research), and Part 3 (catch 'em, clean 'em, eat 'em!)

Photo credit: Enie Hensel

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