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Sustainable Job Training

FRIENDS' apprenticeship program offers opportunities to build on-island capacity while helping Abaco's communities and economy recover from Hurricane Dorian. FRIENDS is partnering with local businesses and other organizations to offer training programs that will give recent high school graduates from Abaco the opportunity to work in a sustainable field and learn more about that career path. The experience will help participants build skills, make valuable connections, and identify future career opportunities. Trainees will be offered a stipend to facilitate participation. 

Learn more about our opportunities below and scroll down to apply.

Highlights from Spring 2022 Apprenticeship

EES-2022-01-28-mounting rack install 1
EES-2022-01-28-solar panel installation 2
EES-2022-01-28-solar panel installation 1
OMP_solar panels installed
KP BPAF-2022-03-17-21-57-51 3
KP BPAF-2022-03-17-21-57-51 4

We currently do not have any open apprenticeship opportunities, however Abaco residents are welcome to submit an application form for future opportunities. We are also seeking partnerships to host future apprentices.

Scroll down for info on past projects.



Abaco residents who have graduated high school within the last five years (male or female).


No previous experience required.


Government issued identification


Two references (e.g. past teacher, previous employer, community leader)


A desire to learn!

Have you ever participated in a FRIENDS program? Selectall that apply.

Thanks for submitting!

Past Apprenticeships


SPRING 2022 - SOLAR ENERGY (closed)

Two trainees will be selected to work alongside Engineered Electric Services as they install a 16kW solar photovoltaic array at Forest Heights Academy in Marsh Harbour. This is an important part of the schools restoration, so you will be directly involved in helping to get Forest Heights operational and sustainable and learn valuable skills that will give you an advantage as you seek a future career. Training period lasts 8 weeks. Apprentices will have the opportunity to participate on a number of projects, both residential and commercial. Weekly stipend is provided; candidates are responsible for transportation to Marsh Harbour. Position starts on January 24th.  Program supported by he Bahamas Protected Areas Fund, Caribbean Biodiversity Fund, and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development through KfW.

SGP-Final (2).jpg
Short-GEF logo colored NOTAG transparent

FALL 2020 - SOLAR ENERGY (closed)

Two trainees will be selected to work alongside Engineered Electric Services as they repair and reinstall a 15kW solar photovoltaic array at the FRIENDS Campus in Marsh Harbour. The previous system was lost in Hurricane Dorian, so you will be directly involved in helping to get our Campus operational and sustainable and learn valuable skills that will give you an advantage as you seek a future career. 

Looking for solar solutions? Contact Engineered Electric today!

TC Logo.jpg

WINTER 2020 - MARINE DEBRIS (closed)

Be part of data collection and implementation of a community hurricane debris removal program in the coastal and nearshore areas of Green Turtle Cay in partnership with IDEA Relief. Learn about the impacts of debris to the marine environment and how cleanup efforts will limit future damage. Participants will gain valuable hands-on knowledge on disaster response, solid waste management, and safety. Three spaces are available for recent high school graduates (within five years), priority given to Green Turtle Cay residents. Females are encouraged to apply. Apprenticeship lasts four weeks total, with a break for the Christmas and New Years holidays. 



Join Friends of the Environment and Driftwood Food Company for an eight week training opportunity in sustainable farming at their South Abaco farm! Open to two Abaconians who have recently graduated from high school, male or female. Thanks to Tourism Cares apprentices will receive a $250/wk stipend for participating. Lunch and drinks will also be provided. Activities may include: hydroponic farming and system maintenance, setting up a green house, assisting with management of mobile chicken coops and care of chickens, general farm operations, sale of product. Also part of the apprenticeship are weekly personal development activities that may take up to an additional hour of your time. Apprenticeship has been completed. 

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