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The Exploratorium

FRIENDS has embarked on an exciting new campaign to develop a natural history exhibit in The Exploratorium at The Learning Centre! This exhibit will feature all of the major Bahamian ecosystems with highlights on important species, research, community connections, threats, and conservation solutions. A person visiting The Exploratorium should expect to walk away with an understanding of the story of the Bahamian environment and the challenges it faces, with knowledge of ideas for positive behavior change and pride for being part of the story. 


Exploratorium Goals

  • Bring attention to our ecosystems and diversity of native species to support sustainable development on Abaco

  • Capture and share knowledge on Bahamian environments, while increasing accessibility of the information and building community capacity

  • Increase access to environmental education for all ages and genders, and incorporate multi-modal exhibits to reach varied learning abilities

  • Support growth in sustainable economies by providing a destination for eco-tourism related tours, training of volunteers, and awareness of taxi and tour operators and resort personnel

  • Work with partners to ensure information is relevant and includes suggestions for positive behavior change

  • Highlight community connections with the environment to build pride and support for conservation

Planning and Design

FRIENDS is fortunate to be working with a volunteer team of creatives with experience in museum and educational exhibit design! We started with an outline of the messaging and our goals for outreach and are using that to inform the design. From there to a sketch, to more refined conceptual designs.


Help Bring the Exploratorium to Life!

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 9.42.36 AM copy.png

You can help make The Exploratorium a reality and bring this amazing resource to Abaco benefitting future generations! Consider making a donation at any level, or perhaps you have an artistic or construction skill that will help us build out the exhibits! Please contact us if you'd like to be involved.

Exploratorium Friend: $1-100

Exploratorium Guardian: $101 - $1,000


Exhibit Partner: $1,000 - $10,000

Exhibit Patron: $10,000+

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