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Marine Ecosystems

A marine ecosystem can be defined as the interaction of plants, animals, and the marine environment. By “marine,” we mean of, or produced by, the sea or ocean. The marine environment is inclusive of the open ocean, coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves, sandy beaches and tidal flats, rocky shores and oceanic blue holes. As an archipelagic nation, the marine environment covers a large area of The Bahamas.

Seagrass Bed_EnieHensel.JPG

Photo credit: Enie Hensel

Seagrass Saviour
In this brochure Sammy the Seagrass helps you understand what seagrass is, and leads you through the importance of seagrass beds and what they do for the environment. Learn what you can do to keep Bahamian seagrass beds healthy.

What Are Corals?

This brochure will explain the basics about corals including what they eat and the type of habitat they prefer.

Coral Courtesies

This poster explains what we can do to help protect corals, and what we shouldn't do! 

Daily actions to help Coral Reefs

As part of a past project, "Project Coral", we put together some everyday actions you can do to help protect coral reefs! Check it out in this flyer. 

What is a Coral Reef?
This presentation explains what corals are and why they are important. Learn about threats to coral reefs and how you can help. Includes photos of coral and other reef organisms including a section on reef fish identification.

How Fishing Pressure Can Influence the Evolution of Queen Conch: An Infographic

This diagram presents two scenarios. What happens to a population of conch being fished selectively or nondiscriminantly (by size)?

Bahamas Marine Regulations and Best Practices

A brochure that includes current Bahamian fishing regulations for residents and visitors, as well as best practices for viewing marine mammals and using moorings in marine protected areas. 

Seashore Expedition - Activity Sheet

This field trip activity sheet can accompany a lesson on rocky intertidal organisms and coastal plants. 

From our Partners:

Living Oceans Foundation e-Learning Portal

Awesome resources from our partners at the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation! Includes links to a coral reef ecology curriculum, curriculum guide, educational videos and activities, and a student art contest. 

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