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This year, Earth Day is observed Thursday, April 22nd. Earth Day was first established in 1970 to raise awareness about environmental issues and educate the public on why we should care about our Earth. It is a day to celebrate our Earth and environment, and reflect on why we must do our part to protect it. 

FRIENDS wanted to create an activity that you can do either at home with your kids, in your classrooms, or share with others in your communities. This activity will give us a chance to pause and think of why we love our Earth, and will be a reminder to be a "helping hand" as much as we can. Download the activity HERE


Students can trace their hand print on the attached sheet of paper (you can also use paint to "dip" their hand in and stamp it on!). 

Have students write inside their hand what they love about Earth, or why they love their environment.

Once Earth Day is over, we would love to see your "helping hands"!  Take a photo or scan the document and tag us on Facebook @friendsoftheenvironment, Instagram @friendsoftheenvironment or email here


Check out our example below!

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