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The Bahamas is home to over 300 native and migratory species of birds! Some are resident, meaning they live here year-round, and others are migratory, meaning they only reside here certain parts of the year. 

Build an Abaco Parrot Nest - Activity

Use and reuse materials around your home or classroom to build an Abaco Parrot nest and learn about the habitat of the Abaco Parrot. 

Fact Sheets:

Why are birds important?

This document explains the importance of birds to our environment and everyday lives in The Bahamas. 

From our Partners:

Bahamas National Trust "Birds of The Bahamas"

Join the BNT'S virtual learning center in this collection of videos, quizzes, guides and more! 

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Endemic Birds of The Bahamas

Endemic means a species is unique to a certain geographical area.

 Some birds endemic to the 242 include:

Abaco/Bahama Parrot

Bahama Yellowthroat

Bahama Warbler

Bahama Woodstar

Bahama Oriole

Bahama Swallow

Learn to identify some birds of The Bahamas in this slideshow! Photo credits to Christopher Johnson

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