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Meet our Sustainable Livelihoods Apprentices to date

These young candidates have made us proud during our Sustainable Livelihoods Program. We had the chance to meet with most if not all of them and got to see some of them in action during their apprenticeships. We are grateful for this growing program and look forward to seeing it expand in the future. Check out our apprentices thus far:

OCTOBER 2020 - JANUARY 2021: Solar Power

Training Partner: Engineered Electric Service

Meet our solar apprentices: Stevano Greene of Central Pines, Abaco, Earelle Reckley of Murphy Town, Abaco and Joshua Russell of Fox Town, Abaco. They did an 8-week course learning about solar design and installation. During this period, they were also able to assist with the install of FRIENDS' new solar array at our campus in Marsh Harbour. One of our apprentices described their experience as : "Very hands on, practical training. Informative and captivating days learning solar and electric installation".

JANUARY 2021 - MARCH 2021: Marine Debris in Green Turtle Cay

Training Partner: IDEA Relief

Meet our marine debris apprentices: Makayla McIntosh and Donald Thompson. They are both 18 year old residents of Green Turtle Cay. During this time, they learned about the impacts of debris to the marine environment and how cleanup efforts will limit future damage. They also gained valuable hands-on knowledge on disaster response, solid waste management, and safety.

Makayla showed interest in this opportunity because "I am interested in working outdoors and on the water to preserve our marine life habitats. I also want to be a part of cleaning up my community after Dorian."

APRIL 2021 - CURRENT: Small Scale Agriculture - Hydroponic Farming

Training Partner: Driftwood Food Company

Project Sponsor: Tourism Cares

Meet our farming apprentices: Lorenz Carter of Marsh Harbour, Abaco and Keevana Russell of Crossing Rocks, Abaco. This apprenticeship involves learning about hydroponic farming and system maintenance, setting up a green house, assisting with management of mobile chicken coops and care of chickens, general farm operations and sale of product.

When asked about their goal for this program, one of our apprentices responded by saying "I thought that this program was great to be a part of because it will be an excellent way to gain experience in the field of farming. There aren't much opportunities in Abaco to learn, so my goal for this program is to grasp the concept and knowledge of agriculture and farming."

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