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National Conservation Efforts

While FRIENDS’ work is focused in Abaco, we also participate in a number of nationally-initiated projects that benefit all islands. 


Bahamas Spiny Lobster Working Group

Our Deputy Director, Olivia Patterson-Maura is an active member of the Bahamas Spiny Lobster Working Group (BSLWG), which is made up of fishermen, seafood processors, NGOs, scientists, and government representatives. The BSLWG played a significant role, along with the Bahamas Marine Exporters Association, in moving forward The Bahamas’ application for marine stewardship council (MSC) certification of the spiny lobster fishery, and in maintaining compliance with the certification. 


Bahamas Nassau Grouper Management Plan - Policy and Advocacy Working Group

Olivia Patterson-Maura is also a member of this working group, which is made up of researchers, NGOs and government representatives. The group is working towards meaningful policy that impacts grouper conservation while being practical for fishermen and enforcement. 



FRIENDS is one of many national partners working to raise awareness of the importance of conch conservation.


Bahamas 100,000 Tree Campaign

FRIENDS is partnering with Sustainable Lifestyle to facilitate campaign activities on Abaco.

Northern Bahamas Mangrove Restoration Project 

A partnership between Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, the Bahamas National Trust, MANG, FRIENDS, and the community to restore mangrove habitats that were critically damaged by Hurricane Dorian. This is a multi-year project that includes mangrove propagation, planting, monitoring and outreach. Read more here.

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