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Mangroves are salt-tolerant trees that also make up one of The Bahamas' most important marine ecosystems. The Bahamas is home to three species of mangrove: red, black, and white mangroves, and a mangrove associate: buttonwood. Mangroves deserve our protection as they provide many ecosystem services including shoreline protection, carbon sequestration, and functioning as nursery habitat for marine life!

Bahamas Awareness of Mangroves (BAM)

BAM is a partner program with the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation that offers a progressive curriculum for senior high students where they build on knowledge and skills learned over a 2.5 year period. 

Through project-based learning students will gain an understanding of mangroves, their importance to the coastal marine ecosystem in the region, and their value to Bahamian society. The BAM program is currently working to develop virtual resources. In the meantime if you would like assistance with a specific topic, please reach out

Learn more about the Mangrove Detectives Program! 

This series of videos includes a helpful introduction to mangrove ecosystems, and further activities that are part of the Mangrove Detectives program. If you are interested in becoming a Mangrove Detective and helping to collect data about the health of our mangroves, please contact us!

Marine Protected Areas in Abaco that encompass mangroves:

Cross Harbour National Park, East Abaco Creeks National Park, Black Sound Cay Marine Reserve

Guided Mangrove Lesson

Follow this lesson guide on Bahamian mangroves that covers the location, leaves, roots, bark and more on each type of mangrove found in The Bahamas. Pictures included! 

Mangrove Manners

This poster explains mangrove connectivity to different ecosystems, as well as highlights species found in the mangrove ecosystem, and good habits that we can practice to save mangroves.  

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