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Habitat Restoration

Hurricane Dorian Mangrove Restoration

FRIENDS is partnering with Bonefish and Tarpon TrustThe Bahamas National Trust, and MANG to develop a comprehensive mangrove restoration project as part of Hurricane Dorian response. Preliminary assessments estimate 40% and 74% loss in Abaco and Grand Bahama respectively. The project will include planting of mangroves in areas impacted by the storm as well as community education initiatives. 


Creek Restoration

A number of mangrove wetlands in Abaco have become fragmented by the development of roads over the years. Between 2006 and 2010 FRIENDS partnered with researchers from Florida International University to place culverts under two such roads and selectively remove mangroves to open historical tidal channels, effectively restoring function to 180 acres in two wetlands (Cross Harbour and Broad Creek) and the involvement of 800 students. 


Coral Nurseries

Friends of the Environment (FRIENDS) and local students assisted the Perry Institute for Marine Science (PIMS) in the construction of PVC coral nursery trees that were placed at Fowl Cay Reef by divers from PIMS and FRIENDS. These nurseries were populated with coral fragments that will grow and be out planted to nearby reefs when they are large enough. These nurseries even survived Hurricane Dorian!

LBS Coral Nursery.JPG

Students from Long Bay School assisted FRIENDS and Hayley-Jo Carr from the Perry Institute for Marine Science in building coral tree nurseries before they were placed at Fowl Cay Reef. 

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