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Sea Beans is a weekly after school club for young Bahamians (ages 3-5) that will be piloted in Spring 2016. Sea Beans are seeds that wash up on our coasts from distant lands. Finding a sea bean is a beachcomber’s treasure. It is this sort of discovery and delight in nature that we want to pass on to young Bahamians. FRIENDS has been working with students in grade school since 2006, providing over 12,000 environmental education experiences. During this time, children under 6 years old have occasionally been involved in our programs. Their interest helped us realize the need for early environmental education; especially for providing opportunities for kids to connect directly with nature.

The Sea Beans curriculum was developed with the assistance of education partners and was designed with specific benchmarks in mind for each lesson. Activities will focus on themes related to local animals and habitats; club members will learn a word of the week, participate in arts and crafts, reading and games, and outdoor exploration. Themes include: plants, animals, coral reefs, mangroves, fossils, litter and recycling. Many Bahamians rely on their environment, whether through tourism related jobs, fishing, or sustenance. Therefore, it is vital that our youths gain an appreciation for natural resources.

We are very excited to see the world through the eyes of the little “Sea Beans”! For more information:


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