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Proposed National Parks

As part of our strategic plan, FRIENDS has set a goal to ensure that all primary habitat types in Abaco are represented in protected areas to help conserve biodiversity on Abaco. To accomplish this, FRIENDS works with many partners including The Bahamas National Trust, Bahamas Government, the Abaco Community and other non-profit groups.

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Starting in 2012-2014, FRIENDS will focus in two main areas:

– Protect three of the primary habitat types of Abaco: Blue Holes, Wetlands, and Flats. Friends of the Environment is currently working with local and national partners such as The Bahamas National Trust, Abaco Fly Fishing Guides Association and Bahamas Caves Research Foundation to protect three critical habitats in Abaco: East Abaco’s mangrove tidal creeks, central Abaco’s blue holes and the Cross Harbour wetlands. All three of these proposals are not “no take” as with previous proposals. Fishing and hunting will be allowed within the limits of the law. Local communities will be involved in the management planning process which will determine how the park areas are used and maintained.

– Through community meetings and research identify opportunities for smaller protected areas or green spaces across Abaco.

How you can help:
–  Read more about the three proposed protected areas and click on the link to send a letter of support.
–  Take Abaco’s habitats into consideration when building your home or business. Visit our Sustainability or On Land page for some ideas.
–  Contact FRIENDS if you know of an area you think should be protected.