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Reducing Invasive Plants

Invasive Plant Reduction is one of the four main goals that FRIENDS has chosen for our 2012-2014 strategic plan. Some of the most harmful invasive plants to our local environment are Hawaiian Seagrape, Brazilian Pepper and Casuarina. These plants have successfully invaded many of Abaco’s habitats and are continuously spreading through wind, waves and human intervention. Invasive plants grow quickly and are able to cover large areas of ground rapidly. By doing this, they reduce the amount of ground available for native plants and reduce the diversity of local species. This means there is less of a variety of food and homes for local wildlife. Reducing the diversity of plants also weakens the environment and means plant communities can more easily be wiped out by disease.

Currently FRIENDS has chosen to focus on Hawaiian seagrape and address this issue by working with:

  1. Local communities to reduce Hawaiian seagrape in residential areas
  2. Abaco businesses to reduce Hawaiian seagrape on commercial properties
  3. Local plant nurseries to offer native plants for landscaping and discourage the import or propagation of invasive plants.

How you can help:

Contact FRIENDS to learn how you can join our Hawaiian Seagrape Reduction project and “Go Native” at your home or business.
Support nurseries that sell native plants.
Learn more about invasive plants in The Bahamas and why removing them is good for everyone:
Guide to Native and Invasive Plants of Abaco
Bahamas National Invasive Species Strategy (2013)
Bahamas invasive species

The Bahamas’ invasive species strategy includes a voluntary code of conduct for landscapers and the gardening public, which can be downloaded:
Voluntary code of conduct for Landscape Architects