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Marine Resources

Abaco’s marine environment is very important. It is a source of food and enjoyment for locals and visitors, supports our vital tourism industry, and helps protect our shoreline from storm surge. The marine environment has shaped Abaco, and our way of life since the first Lucayan inhabitants reached our shores!

In order to work towards a healthy and sustainable marine environment, FRIENDS is looking at ways to minimize human impacts on marine resources. Our strategic plan includes the following actions:

–  partner with The Bahamas National Trust and local dive shops to install and maintain moorings at Central Abaco’s major reefs

–  Distribute information on marine resources regulations and marine “etiquette” in high traffic areas such as dive shops, marinas and boat rental offices.  FRIENDS Marine Brochure, which includes a summary of Fishing Regulations and Marine Etiquette is available for download.

–  Assist in collecting data on the health of the marine environment by supporting researchers in Abaco and facilitating student internships

–  Share new information through community presentations, school visits, science conferences and the Abaco Scientist blog

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Photo by Tim Higgs