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South Abaco Blue Holes National Park

This park was recently declared by the Bahamas Government! Please stand by as we update our information! Read the declaration here.


FRIENDS has recently partnered with Bahamas Caves Research Foundation, Antiquities Monuments & Museums Corporation (AMMC) and The sawmill2Bahamas National Trust to create a proposal for a Blue Holes National Park to protect four of Abaco’s inland blue holes and 13 oceanic blue holes.

This proposal aims to protect the land surrounding a series of scientifically and ecologically important blue holesin South Abaco where many important fossils have been discovered. Protecting this area from development and creating a management plan for use of the blue holes will help ensure that the area remains stable and safe for Bahamians and visitors to enjoy. Download the proposal: Blue Holes Park Proposal

Beautiful Places Park Two: Blue Holes from Conch Salad TV on Vimeo.

How You Can Help:

Please take a few moments to write a letter of support for the proposal. It is important to note in your email why you support the protection of the area, any personal experiences you or your friends or colleagues have had there, or other reasons you would like to see it protected. Please write separate emails for each area.