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FRIENDS was impacted by the loss of our education centre and offices during Hurricane Dorian in September 2019. The silver lining to this tragedy is the plan for a new Learning Centre to fulfill the environmental education needs of Abaco for years to come. We invite you to join us on our journey to rebuild and become part of a sustainable future for Abaco!


Our Education Centre faithfully saw us through 12 years of programs, and while we are emotional about its loss, the time has come to cast our eyes forward to a promising future in a new and improved Learning Centre!


FRIENDS envisions a campus that becomes a site for inspiration; drawing the community in and playing an important role in environmental education and island sustainability. New construction integrates seamlessly with existing structures and sets the stage for sustainable development and operation. Our grounds become an oasis in the middle of Marsh Harbour, offering a destination to enjoy the outdoors and ignite curiosities about Abaco’s environment in an interactive Exploratorium. Our classroom will once again become alive with the excited chatter of students as they discover new wonders of the Bahamian environment.


With your help, we will establish a new Learning Centre that will meet more needs than our old facility and serve Abaco well into the future.


Learning Centre


Partner in Construction: Support the ground breaking and launch boots on the ground construction. Help us take the brave step to begin our new building. Your contribution will be recognized on a plaque on site, and later in the new building.

In-kind Contributions: Bulk construction materials, paint, office furniture, technological services. Your partnership could provide the missing link in our project! Please contact us to discuss opportunities.

Naming: Become an integral part of FRIENDS’ legacy on Abaco. Name part of the new Learning Centre for your loved one or in memoriam of someone you wish to recognize for their impacts. For example: Classroom - $250,000, Conference Room - $125,000,  Office - $25,000.

Please contact us to join our campaign to rebuild.

Ready to support?

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