For Researchers

The Kenyon Centre will create new environmental education programs for Bahamian and visiting students, increase research conducted in Abaco and provide connections between the two to benefit conservation efforts locally, nationally and internationally.

The Kenyon Centre is an eight bedroom facility located in Marsh Harbour next to FRIENDS existing offices and will enable FRIENDS to increase research conducted in Abaco by providing lower cost housing, storage, basic lab facilities and logistical assistance.

The Kenyon Centre will provide:

  • Reasonable accommodation prices, rates are based on length of stay and involvement in outreach programs, please contact FRIENDS to discuss prices: Info@friendsoftheenvironment.org
  • Access to kitchen facilities, wifi internet, basic lab facilities, which includes indoor bench space and covered outdoor porch, covered outdoor eating area, and indoor meeting/presentation space.

The Kenyon Centre Requires:

  • Researchers are required to have their own insurance to cover activities during their stay in The Bahamas.
  • Researchers must have current research permits and export permits (as necessary) for their work.  Applications should be submitted to the BEST Commission 4 months in advance to ensure that they are properly processed. Click here for application.  Please note that the Bahamian Government is now requiring an additional Export Permit from the Bahamian Department of Agriculture for any and all scientific specimens being removed from the country. This includes any and all natural materials you intended to transport out of The Bahamas in connection with your research, including but not limited to live organisms, plant/animal tissue, extracted DNA, sediment, sand, soil, shell material, microbes, rocks, and water. Please consider carefully if export is an absolute necessity for your research. If so, you must provide description and numerical estimate of your intended specimens. Export Permits will NOT be issued by the Department of Agriculture without this information. Your numerical estimates will be the maximum number of specimens you will be allowed when exiting the country. Keep in mind that extremely (unreasonably) high estimates in order to “cover your bases” have the potential to be denied.
  • FRIENDS’s policy is that any publication resulting from any research done while in residence at the Research Center must acknowledge The Kenyon Centre.  The accepted form of citation is: “I (We) am (are) indebted to The Frank Kenyon Centre for Research, Education, and Conservation and its staff in Abaco, The Bahamas for logistical (and financial) support for this research.”
  • Researchers are asked to sharing findings and resulting reports or papers with FRIENDS for education purposes.
  • Researchers are asked to adhere to the policies and posted rules of the Kenyon Centre.

FRIENDS supports the inclusion of local students and outreach to the Abaco community and are willing and able to assist in arranging those logistics. Outreach can the take form of classroom or school presentations, field trips or the creation of field courses in partnership with the researcher.  The Kenyon Centre will also be looking for opportunities to partner with scientists on long term research projects to benefit the community and support our conservation goals. FRIENDS can provide a reduced rate for the Kenyon Centre based on the involvement of researchers in FRIENDS programs.

Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis and must be guaranteed with a 50% deposit.