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About Us

Mission: Preserve the environment of Abaco, The Bahamas through education, conservation, and research facilitation.

FRIENDS Vision: We are an island community that is living sustainably, and proud to be stewards of our rich biodiversity.

Organizational Values:
• Providing education to build respect for the environment and enable people to make informed decisions
• Promoting individual responsibility and environmental stewardship
• Proving opportunities for adults and kids to be out in the environment
• Working with partners to conserve resources
• Engaging all aspects of community in activities

Friends of the Environment (FRIENDS) was established in 1988 when a group of Hope Town residents with a passion to ensure that future generations of Bahamians and visitors alike be able to enjoy the brilliant flora & fauna that Abaco provides, formed an official organization dedicated to the education and preservation of Abaco’s fragile environment. Originally focused on the marine environment, FRIENDS has grown to encompass all of Abaco, land and sea.

Currently FRIENDS is the only local environmental organization with a full time staff and ongoing programs dedicated solely to preserving Abaco’s fragile environment and bringing those issues to the forefront. Since 2006 the central focus of the organization has been its education program. To date, FRIENDS has provided approximately 12,000 educational opportunities to students by working with all 25 schools in Abaco to get students out of the classroom and into the environment. There they can learn first-hand about the importance of their natural surroundings.

Come by and visit anytime.
If you are traveling towards the airport on Don McKay Blvd., take a left across from Cost Right (there will be a sign to the office pointing you in the right direction). Instead of following the paved road as it turns left, head straight on the dirt road and go up over a rise.

The FRIENDS Education Center is the second building on the left.

Contact Us
PO Box AB 20755
Marsh Harbour, Abaco   Bahamas
242-367-2721 (P)     242-367-0722 (F)