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On this page are some resources that Friends of the Environment has put together for our education program. We hope that they will help you! Feel free to download, and share them. Just click on the green links! We would appreciate your comments and feedback. Let us know which grade levels you were able to use them for. Email us at:

Climate Change 

This presentation goes over general concepts of climate change and discusses natural and human induced contributing factors. We will soon be uploading a suggested narration to go along with the presentation. Please contact us if you would like a powerpoint version of this presentation.

Dry Caves and Blue Holes

Jonathan Bird’s Blue World: The Crystal Cave
Jonathan Bird and renowned cave diver Brian Kakuk give us an up close and personal look at the wondrous crystal formations that can be found in the South Abaco Blue Holes National Park. Learn more about how these amazing formations were created.

Native Plants and Invasive Plants

About Plants
Use this as a presentation, or print out and make a flip book to take with you on field trips.

Go Native Go Native (handout, at right)
This can be used as a handout or added in to a presentation discussing native and invasive plants.

Go Native Brochure
A quick look at some of Abaco’s most invasive plants as well as a list of native substutions for invasives. Learn about the protected trees of The Bahamas!

Hawaiian Seagrape Fact Sheet
Use this handout to identify Hawaiian seagrape and explain what individuals can do to help preserve native plant biodiversity.

Investigating Plant Cells – Lab Activity
This lab includes details for using a compound microscope to observe onion cells. FRIENDS has both compound and dissecting microscopes at the Education Center. If you would like to set up an opportunity to use the microscopes, please call our office (367-2721).

Plant Activities for Kids
A series of fun, inexpensive activities for kids. You can find all the materials around your home! These activities are a great way to get kids interested in plants and recycling.

Nature Trail Brochure
This brochure will give you an idea of the features available on the FRIENDS Nature Trail. Contact us to book a field trip (). The nature trail is open during office hours. Optional add-on: visit the FRIENDS Green House to learn about composting, water conservation and how to plant seeds and take care of plants!

Nature Trail Fun!
This activity sheet is appropriate for Upper Primary students. It can be used as a field trip activity when visiting the FRIENDS Nature Trail or on a nature walk of your own!

Invasive Species Game
A jeopardy style trivia game designed to help students understand invasive species that are found in The Bahamas.

Coastal Ecosystems 

About Bahamian Mangroves
This guide describes the types of mangroves in The Bahamas and includes pictures of leaves, roots and blossoms. A handy chart summarizes the differences between all four species of mangrove.

Coastal Ecosystems Presentation
This in-depth presentation covers the definitions of ecosystem, environment, habitat, community, population and limiting factors. It places a focus on mangrove, rocky shore and sandy beach ecosystems. Students will learn the importance of these ecosystems and the threats they face. Learn about iconic species found in these ecosystems such as mangroves and piping plovers.

Seashore Expedition Worksheet
This worksheet covers intertidal organisms, native and invasive coastal plants, classification, and weather observations. Students are asked to survey the intertidal zone for animals living there and describe their habitat and identify which phylum they belong to.

Marine Ecosystems

Seagrass Saviour
In this brochure Sammy the Seagrass helps you understand what seagrass is, and leads you through the importance of seagrass beds and what they do for the environment. Learn what you can do to keep Bahamian seagrass beds healthy.

What Are Corals?
This brochure will explain the basics about corals including what they eat and the type of habitat they prefer.

What is a Coral Reef?
This presentation explains what corals are and why they are important. Learn about threats to coral reefs and how you can help. Includes photos of coral and other reef organisms including a section on reef fish identification.

How Fishing Pressure Can Influence the Evolution of Queen Conch: An Infographic

Here are some resources from our partners!:

The Abaco Scientist Blog
A great place to read about all the recent happenings in science and policy in The Bahamas. Find out about current research projects working in the country and the people that run them. There is also a library of research papers all related to The Bahamas!

The Bahamas National Trust
The BNT has a very informative series of fact sheets about Bahamian ecosystems and species. Click here to browse them

Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF)
Visit their website to learn more about what they do and to find resources about the marine environment.
Video: The Conch’s Life Story
Video: Take Care of Coral Reefs
Video: Virtual Coral Reef Field Trip

Sharks 4 Kids: Powerpoint presentations with teaching guides, vocabulary lists and activities for Kindergarten through grade 6.


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