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Project Coral is an effort by FRIENDS and community partners to raise awareness about the importance of coral reefs and what the public can do to help conserve them. Project Coral is supported by BEP Foundation.

Why should we care about coral reefs?

  • Coral reefs have a high economic value. These beautiful ecosystems serve as a major tourist attraction in The Bahamas, and provide a high amount of income to our economy annually. This in turn provides Bahamian tour companies with jobs, as well as restaurant workers, fishermen, local vendors, and more.
  • Coral reefs serve as a source of nutrition for us! The Bahamian diet is highly reliant on the fishing industry as a source of protein in our daily lives, and corals are home to most of the fish that we consume.
  • Corals provide a home for fish and other marine animals. Corals serve as a source of food and protection for them, and is the ecosystem with the highest biodiversity in our oceans. This helps to maintain a balance in oceanic food webs.
  • Corals protect our coastline from large waves. Some coral reefs act as a barrier between the ocean and our coastlines, breaking waves down into smaller ones before they reach land. This prevents erosion and flooding damage.
  • Corals are natural filters of the ocean. Most corals are filter feeders, which means they filter out matter in the water column, improving water quality and clarity.

“The Coral Reefs of Abaco: Our Future”!

(24 minutes)


“The Coral Reefs of Abaco: Our Future”! (short version)

(6 minutes)

If you are interested in setting up a school or community showing of The Coral Reefs of Abaco, please contact us!

Here are some helpful resources:

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