Go Native!

Abaco boasts a wide variety of plants, animals, and other living things. This is our biological diversity or “biodiversity” for short.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This variety helps us have a healthy environment, however it is under threat. Habitat destruction and invasive species are both issues that we are confronting here in Abaco and they are a direct threat to our biodiversity and the health of the environment, and therefore our health as well.

To help protect Abaco’s biodiversity, Friends of the Environment started a project called “Go Native!”. This project supports the planting of native plants for landscaping and encourages businesses and homeowners to remove invasive plants and replace them with natives. In addition to affecting biodiversity and taking over native habitat, some invasive plants, such as Casuarina, also accelerate erosion.


If you would like to “Go Native” on your own property, feel free to contact FRIENDS and we will share the information we have collected on planting native and sourcing native plants. Write to:




Unfortunately, our Go Native incentive program (described below) is no longer active, but we are happy to help advise you on how and where to source native plants.

To join the Go Native program, all you have to do is send us a photo of you removing Hawaiian seagrape (and other invasive plants) from your property. We will then give you some native plants to help you get started, and a cool sign that says “Gone Native!” to show your participation. We’ll share the photo on our website and Facebook page to help encourage others to participate.


How to “Go Native”

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