Highway Clean Ups

 Waste management is a challenge on islands such as ours. Due to the nature of our geography trash is sometimes transported long distances to reach a landfill. Litter often ends up on our highways because of all the traffic involved in transporting trash (whether private or commercial).
The area between the airport roundabout and the Snake Cay Landfill was recently identified as an area of concern due to the movement of the main landfill to Snake Cay. FRIENDS aims to help address those concerns by:
  1. Raising awareness among commuters and truck drivers about the importance of covering their vehicles while transporting debris
  2. Community cleanups in areas of concern
  3. Monitoring the effectiveness of these initiatives by periodically undertaking Litter Index surveys.
 How you can help:
– Cover your load! (and remind your friends to as well)
– Hold on to your litter until you reach a garbage can. Do not throw it out your vehicle window! Litter is harmful to animals and plants in our environment, can contaminate our fresh water supply and makes the island look like we don’t care about it!