Coastal Clean Ups

FRIENDS partners on two major targeted clean up programs each year: National Coastal Awareness Month in April and International Coastal Clean Up in September. These programs are supported by smaller cleanup efforts throughout the island’s communities.       You can help at any time of the year by doing a cleanup!

  1. Download this marine debris data form and cleanup coordinator form.  (You need one coordinator form per cleanup and one marine debris form for each 3-5 people participating in the cleanup).
  2. Do your cleanup and collect information about the types of trash you found. (Have your team split into groups, with people responsible for collecting data, picking up trash, etc).
  3. Make sure the trash is properly disposed of (either at your personal trash can, the local dump, etc)
  4. Email the completed data form to:

Coastal Awareness Month (April)

The Ministry of Tourism and Friends of the Environment are working together to combat threats to our coastal environment. As a part of this effort, each April we host Coastal Awareness Month in Abaco. Coastal clean-ups will be arranged all month throughout The Bahamas by various committees. With miles upon miles of coastine, including beaches, tidal creeks and harbours, it is important that Abaco participates in this national effort. The Ministry of Tourism and FRIENDS would like to invite you to take part in this effort. In addition to the traditional beach and mangrove clean-ups underwater clean-ups can also be organized. Stay tuned for info on National Coastal Awareness Month 2017! Contact us to find out how you can help –  . The Abaco Tourist Office and Friends of the Environment want to take this opportunity to stress the importance of your participation in this campaign. Not only are clean coastal areas important for environmental reasons, but the trash in our community also impacts our very vital tourism industry and our quality of life. Trash has been climbing higher and higher as a complaint on the Ministry of Tourism’s exit surveys. Not only will we see direct benefits from this month’s activities, but it is also a great way to foster civic pride in young Bahamians. If you would like to participate download the signup form and send it to Olivia Patterson at Friends of the Environment, Fax: 367-0722, email:



International Coastal Clean Up (September-October)

*Schedule2017 ICC Logo - teal backgroundd cleanups will be posted here during International Coastal Cleanup * or signup to organize a cleanup of your own.

Each year FRIENDS and the Ministry of Tourism co-host Abaco’s International Coastal Cleanup in September. Originally started in 1987, the concept of an International Coastal Clean up was to engage people to remove trash from the world’s beaches and waterways, identify the source of the debris, and then initiate behavioral changes to decrease these types of pollution. It has been noted that most of the debris on the beaches are disposable items that come from shoreline and recreational activities such as sports, picnics and beach going. Marine debris is not only responsible for polluted beaches, but each year hundreds of animals are caught up in the trash causing lethal cuts, hampered mobility, suffocation and drowning. Trash has no boundaries: these items are durable and buoyant and can travel hundreds ofthousands of miles and have an endless life on our beaches and waterways unless they are removed and destroyed by man.

Anyone can participate: school groups, church groups, neighborhoods, businesses, a group of friends or individuals. Garbage bags, gloves and data cards (which will be compiled and sent back to the International Coastal Cleanup organization) will all be provided. Sign up to Clean up! If you would like to participate download the form: ICC Signup 2017 and send it to Cassandra Abraham at Friends of the Environment, Fax: 367-0722, email: