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Litter Reduction

Litter Reduction is one of the four main goals that FRIENDS has chosen for our 2012-2014 strategic plan. By reducing the amount of litter on our island we can also reduce the threat of pollution to our local resources, habitats, and the animals that live within them.

FRIENDS has chosen to address this issue by targeting:

  1. Coastal litter through community based cleanups and education
  2. Highway litter on Ernest Dean Highway (between Marsh Harbour and Snake Cay) through a litter awareness campaign and highway cleanups
  3. Assessment of program success through standardized data collection

How you can help:

Learn more about our projects by clicking on the program links: Highway Clean Ups, Coastal Clean Ups, Keep Abaco Beautiful, Recycling

Make sure your trash ends up in the proper receptacle, and encourage your friends to do the same.

Volunteer for one of our cleanups, or start one of your own!

Find out how you can recycle in your community.