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East Abaco Creeks National Park

This park was recently declared by The Bahamas Government! Please stand by as we update our information. Read the official declaration here.

East Abaco Creeks National Park
A proposal to protect the wetland habitat within Snake Cay Creeks, Bight of Old Robinson and Cherokee Sound in order to promote a healthy marine ecosystem for Abaco. Protecting this habitat will help ensure that Bahamians always have wild places to enjoy and will help support cultural fishing activities. Read more in FRIENDS Flats and Tidal Creeks flyer, or read the full EACCA Proposal.


Beautiful Places Park Three: East Abaco Creeks from Conch Salad TV on Vimeo.

How You Can Help:

Please take a few moments to write a letter of support. It is important to note in your email why you support the protection of the area, any personal experiences you or your friends or colleagues have had there, or other reasons you would like to see it protected. Please write separate emails for each area.