The Kenyon Centre aims to encourage conservation initiatives on Abaco by:

– Functioning as a demonstration site for renewable energy and sustainable building practices
– Facilitating an increase in collaboration between researchers and resource managers

The general public are invited to tour the Kenyon Centre anytime during office hours. Please park at the front of the FRIENDS office and come inside to arrange a tour. Most of the time tours can be hosted right away.

 Demonstration Site Partners

CARIBSAVEUNDP GEF SGP (Bahamas)The Paint PlaceSouth Island Solar

Bahamas Forestry Unit – Abaco Cabinets – Bahamas Foam Insulation Ltd. – Well Done Drilling

Solar structure

Our solar structure supports 60 250W Kyocera solar panels, for a total of 15KW generation capacity.

Encell batteries

Nickel iron battery technology by Encell.

Bahamas Foam Insulation

Bahamas Foam Insulation Ltd will drive up to your door to do the install.

as of October 22, 2015