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Island Investigators is an after school club designed by FRIENDS just for Abaco teens (ages 13-16). Island Investigators engages club members in scientific discovery, conservation, and community service. Students are empowered to lead their own investigations and troubleshoot their projects under the guidance of FRIENDS’ education officer. Students are also encouraged to share their results with the public. In January 2016, club members became the first high school students to present at the Abaco Science Alliance Conference! Since the club began in January 2015, club topics have included queen conch conservation and coral reef restoration. The theme for Spring 2016 is “Coastal Health Assessment”.

Island Investigators meets weekly on Wednesdays at 3:30pm at FRIENDS’ Education Centre during the school term (no club during school holidays). For more information, please contact FRIENDS’ Education Officer, Cassandra Abraham:

If you are a community member or researcher that would like to partner on a project with Island Investigators, please contact us!