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School Field Trips

Friends of the Environment offers field trips and environmental presentations to all Abaco schools. Presentations can be given at the FRIENDS education center or at your school. Field trips take place in various locations around the island. For more information or to sign up for a field trip and organize transportation, call FRIENDS at 367-2721.

Fall 2015

Solar Energy and Sustainability: Visit the new Frank Kenyon Centre for Research, Education, and Conservation. Learn how powering the Kenyon Centre by the sun is helping to reduce our carbon footprint and do an activity to figure out how you can reduce your own carbon footprint. During the field trip students will have the opportunity to participate in a fun experiment in our new lab at the research centre! Group size maximum: 25, Grade level: all.

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Seasonal, ask if available:

Pine Forest Exploration: Compare coppice and pine forest habitats while looking out for birds and other native species. Bring a camera and a notebook to record what you

see! The pine forest is home to the endemic Bahama Parrot, an endangered subspecies of the Cuban Amazon. Learn more about the Bahama Parrot and conservation efforts in Abaco. This field trip is a great way to discuss terrestrial ecology, invasive species and fire ecology. Group size maximum: 20. Grade level: all. Walking shoes are recommended.

Blue Hole Expedition: Take a trip to Sawmill Sink, famous site of Bahamian archeological finds. Observe fossils of ancient tortoises and crocodiles and discuss their role in the paleo-ecology of Abaco. This field trip is given in partnership with Antiquities Monuments and Museums Corporation. Students will have a chance to swim in the blue hole, but this is not required. Group size maximum: 15. Grade level: all.

Coral Reef Snorkeling: Take a trip to Mermaid Reef in Marsh Harbour to view artificial reef balls underwater. Mermaid Reef is home to many species of fish and invertebrates. This is a great location to take novice snorkelers because it is shallow and protected. Group size: up to 15 (teacher/chaperone required to snorkel). Grade levels: All. Ability to swim is required!

Mangrove Exploration: Immerse yourselves in the mangrove ecosystem at Camp Abaco. Students have the opportunity to see first hand the variety of species that inhabit the mangroves. Do a mangrove scavenger hunt to find them all! This is a great place to spot shore birds as well. Activities can be adapted to grade level. Group size: 20 maximum. Grade level: all. Walking shoes are recommended. Some activities may require shoes and clothes that can get muddy!

Vegetation Zones: Take a trip to an area where the pine forest and coastal zone intersect. Learn about environmental and geological features that influence how and where plants grow. Students will be able to observe mangrove, coppice, and pine forest ecosystems and the animals that live there. Activities can be adapted to grade level. Group size: 20 maximum. Grade level: all. Walking shoes are recommended.

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