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Marine Mammals

The Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation (BMMRO) who have been studying marine mammals in The Bahamas since 1991. BMMRO’s mission is to promote conservation of marine mammals and their habitats through scientific research and educational outreach. FRIENDS assists BMMRO by being a partner in education and conservation.

Abaco’s population of Common Bottlenose Dolphins is one of the healthiest in the world. Research on these dolphins provides an important baseline for the rest of the world and also gives indication to any change in the conservation status of Abaco’s marine mammals.

If you see a marine mammal please take the time to report your sighting to assist with research.

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Best Practices for viewing marine mammals in The Bahamas:

  • Respect their space and try to stay at least 100 yards away
  • Drive boats and jet skis at slow speed near dolphins and whales—idle or turn off your engine if safely possible
  • Do not feed them

Under the Bahamas Marine Mammal Protection Act it is illegal to capture or harass any marine mammal in The Bahamas.

Please report stranded, injured, or dead marine mammals to:  The Bahamas Marine Mammal Stranding Network – 1 (242) 544-5409

Enjoy this slide show of some of the Bahamas Marine Mammals courtesy of The Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation