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Invasive Plants

Along with national partners, FRIENDS has joined the fight against invasive species by promoting the use of native alternatives.

Those of most concern in Abaco are: Brazilian Pepper, Hawaiian Sea Grape, Casuarina:

Plant sales are consumer-driven: You can help by requesting native plants from your local nursery. To assist in selecting the right native plant to meet your needs please download the following resources from FRIENDS Brochure Library (hard copies are available at the FRIENDS’ office):
Guide to Native and Invasive Plants of Abaco
Go Native
Hawaiian Seagrape Fact Sheet
A Guide to Replacing Hawaiian Seagrape with Native Plants

For more information on invasive plants in The Bahamas:
Bahamas National Strategy for Invasive Species
Bahamas invasive species

The Bahamas’ invasive species strategy includes a voluntary code of conduct for landscapers and the gardening public, which can be downloaded:
Voluntary code of conduct for Landscape Architects