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Fowl Cays National Park

In order to maintain the effectiveness of Abaco’s marine parks and ensure that these habitats remain healthy and productive into the future the taking of anything living or dead from these areas is prohibited. Fishing, spearing, conching or shelling is not allowed in these areas. You will be fined and/or your vessel and fishing equipment will be taken away. This is relevant to Walker’s Cay National Park, Black Sound Cay National Reserve, Fowl Cay National Park, and Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park (marine parks), and Black Sound Cay National Reserve, Tilloo Cay Reserve and Abaco National Park (terrestrial parks).

Fowl Cays National Park
Located along the Sea of Abaco north of Man-O-War Cay, Fowl Cays National Park (FCNP)

is easily accessed by boat from any port in Central Abaco. Reef structures and diversity of marine life in this area have attracted divers for years! Several local dive shops offer organized trips to dive or snorkel at Fowl Cay reef. There is a small beach ideal for picnics (exposed only at low tide) and there is a great sandy bottom swimming spot! In the early summer this is also a good spot to view sea birds because they nest on the little cays within the park.

Moorings are provided for your use at FCNP through a partnership between Bahamas National Trust, FRIENDS, local businesses and volunteers. Please refer to the FRIENDS Moorings Brochure for locations and respect the rules for mooring use and only tie up boats less than 25ft.


A look at the history of Fowl Cay’s 30 year process of becoming a National Park (video by Conch Salad TV).


Visit The Bahamas National Trust to learn more about our national park system.

Read the Abaco Marine Parks General Management Plan, which covers Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park, Fowl Cays National Park, Black Sound Cay Reserve, and Walker’s Cay National Park. The plan was developed by the Bahamas National Trust in consultation with local communities and researchers.