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Located at the northern part of the Bahamas island chain, Abaco Island is its own archipelago including Great and Little Abaco and numerous smaller cays. The Bahamas’ third largest city, Marsh Harbour, is located in the hub of Central Abaco. The population of Abaco in 2010 was 16,692 as noted in a Bahamas Preliminary Housing and Population Count report. There are 27 schools in Abaco located as far north as Fox Town and as far south as Sandy Point. The most remote is an All-Age School on Moore’s Island.

Abaco is one of four islands in The Bahamas on which the Caribbean Pine grows. Caribbean pine trees were once logged for pulp wood on Abaco and are now under study for more sustainable logging.

Abaco boasts a wide variety of habitats including pine forest and coppice, marine and inland blue holes, mangrove wetlands, rocky shore, sandy beaches and coral reefs. Some of those habitat types fall within the nine existing National Parks and two Bahamas Marine Reserves, while others are under study for further conservation efforts.

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